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Friday, March 2, 2012

My Independent Assignment: Session 4/5

My independent assignment is about drums and music. Here is my research question:

"How is math connected with music, more specifically with drums and all their components and aspects?"

Here are my different sources:

  • Source #1: Myself
    • I know from years of experience how different sized drums will affect the sound it portrays when hit, and that the pressure you put on the skins of the drums will either lighten or deepen the sound.
    • The way you hit it (the actual drum-stick) will also have an impact. Hitting the drum with the very end of the stick will vary from hitting it with the fatter part of the stick. Also, hitting the rims of drums is quite interesting!

  • Source #2: Math E.S.
    • So, we've written an exam not too long ago about sound. The following formula was the core of the exam:

                   where D is decibels and i is intensity.
                   The good news is that this formula and drums involve sound and sound intensity, which is great!

  • Source #3: Wiki
    • Thanks to Wikipedia, I have found a new formula that helps to determine the speed of sound in a certain area:

            where v is velocity (m/s) and t is temperature (°C). This will be a great help for my study of sound throughout                         the following months.

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