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Author's Thought:
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Degrees, Radians and Pi(e)

Hello, fellow reader.
I feel like being Kalid Jr. today so I will explain to you the way I convert radians to degrees and vice-versa.

It may not be revolutionizing, and someone out there must've already come up with it, but I decided to create formulas using the proportions my math teacher has taught me.

Let's go over the basics:

I've colored the degrees in blue and the radians in orange so that you can keep up with my not-always-clear explanations better.

So, like previously said, I have come up with formulas for both degrees and radians, just with basic manipulations.

For radians:                            For degrees:

Let's consider this first                                And let's verify it 
simple example of my                                  using my radian formula
degree formula:                                          (this time using a fraction!):


So, this concludes my post about degrees and radians. I hope you guys enjoyed and
I hope it cleared up any clouds in your sky of mathematics!


  1. Brilliant, gorgeous, colour-coded, question: why c instead of r? Just curious!

    1. Meh, I researched it. I was surprised it wasn't an r! :o

  2. Good job joël, it's really nice with all the colours.

  3. Joey PLEASE get that permission form in so we can show your rocket thingy! (Mrs. Conrod sent another one) Sorry to usurp your blog for this....