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Author's Thought:
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Monday, February 6, 2012

Today's Summary

K, so today's post is about today's math class.

First, we started with the basics:

Sine, cosine, tangent;
Ya know, the normal trigo' stuff.

Had some recapitulations to do - some reminiscing:

Finding the angles, remembering about
the sine, cosine and
tangent ("sohcahtoa"), etc.

Then came in new never-will-be-seen-again stuff:
We've learned three new ratios
who are basically the
reciprocal of the three
ratios we already know of.

Some beginner practicing...
... and some cool tricks to know!

So, yeah. This basically generalizes and summarizes today's lesson. Very informative and new!


  1. EXCELLENT post, Joey! Thanks for setting the bar so high, with pictures and humour! Hey, sounds familiar!

  2. wow that pretty good summary about yesterday's lessons. It pretty much cover up the lesson.

  3. It's a good thing I remembered these, and now i have to remember more with the new ratios.

  4. Oh yes i remember talking about secant last year during math 4, we didn't do much with, but it doesnt soung familiar! oh and the sohcahtoa trick never really worked for me, i just learned them by heart, much simpler ahah!

  5. I love the new pink accents in your design! Oh and the math was nice too, whatevs.

    1. Thanks Miss. I remembered you saying that it was depressing in black-and-white so I changed it a bit. :P

  6. It seems you are having A LOT of fun with your blog - the look, the posts, comments. Keep it up - your personality and your math ability are certainly shining through.

    Mrs. Conrod