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Friday, February 17, 2012

Sine and Cosine Functions

So, unlike my previous posts, this one will be rather very simple.

Although there is already a trick to remembering the difference between the Cosine and Sine functions, like the y-intercepts:

Cos = 1

 Sin = 0

But I find remembering with this following trick easier:

Let's flip things around for Cos...

This may sound childish but if you rotate the whole cartesian plane 90° towards the right, you will see somewhat of a "C"!

And for the Sine well...

And like Miss McGoldrick says, for the Sine function, well, sssssine for sssssnake!



  1. Joey, Sine and Cosine is where I lost Math (or it lost me!) so "childish" mnemonics are appreciated!

    BTW - I like the look of your Chem blog (all the H20 you can drink!) and I look forward to reading your posts there, too!

    Mrs. Conrod

    1. I will start posting A.S.A.P. on that blog, too! :D