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Author's Thought:
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Sunday, January 22, 2012


Okay, so, I feel like calculating a rough approximation of how many hours everyone together spends on Facebook per year:

Let's say...
6 000 000 000 users
•3 hours/day
•6 days/week
•48 weeks/year

6 000 000 000 x 3 x 6 x 48 =
*drum roll 'plz'*
5 184 000 000 000 hours annually.
(That's five trillion one hundred eighty-four billion, by the way.)

Now, per person:
5 184 000 000 000/6 000 000 000

864 annual and individual hours.

All this to show you how insane the world is. :)


  1. I notice you used 6 billion people, I think using 6 billion wouldn't be the right number to use for all the facebook users, but good for maybe the world. I checked and there is only 800 million facebook users. Good work on find how many hours there are for 6 billion people though.

    1. Oh. Well, I thought most people in the world would have a Facebook account. xD

  2. I deny everything about facebook, but it is a good fact that everyone would want to spent 3 hours on facebook. And I'm glad about I dont waste my time on it.

  3. One of my friends here goes on Facebook ever single second he has the chance to. People like this makes up for the other people who doesn't spend much time on Facebook, I guess...